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No two clients are the same and so I offer several pricing options to suit different business needs.

Pay As You Go

£32 per hour

Pay for the hours I work on a set task with no ongoing commitment.


This is perfect for ad-hoc help and small projects. 

I only ever charge for the time that a task has taken. No rounding up, no minimum charge.  

I track my time and send you a time report with every invoice.


If a job involves a high level of expenditure on printing or any additional services (such as couriers or my own mileage) these will be outlined and agreed upon in advance and billed at cost.


From 1 hour a month

Pay for a set number of hours per month on unlimited tasks.

This is perfect for those who need ongoing support across a variety of tasks.


It guarantees my availability and gives priority over my PAYG clients.

I track my time and notify you when nearing your monthly limit so extra hours can be added or tasks reduced. Unused time cannot be carried over to the following month.

My retained clients get priority and therefore if you know you’ll be needing a set number of hours every month, a specific task completed every month, or there’s a possibility any of your tasks will need my attention within three working days then a retainer package is your best option. I suggest booking a discovery call with me so that we can discuss your requirements.


Retainer packages, paid monthly

In order to maximise the power of social media for your business, you need to be consistent and regularly post high-quality content that people are going to want to share and engage with. Writing content, scheduling posts, and sourcing images and quotes are all time-consuming tasks that can easily be outsourced to me.

Social media support can be booked as monthly retainer packages, starting from 5 hours each month and going up to a maximum of 20 hours per month. 

As every client's needs are slightly different, I suggest booking a discovery call with me so that we can discuss your requirements.


from £32 an hour

Small businesses and start-ups struggle to get their posts seen on Facebook. The organic reach is terrible (your content is seen by only 5% of your followers), which makes building up a large following difficult to achieve. 

I believe Facebook Ads can be a wonderful solution for ALL businesses and budgets, you don't have to spend megabucks to grow your following and drive consistent leads to your website.

If you don't have the time to find your way around Facebook Ads I can help you. I will tailor your ads so that you target your ideal client, increasing awareness of your business and attracting more followers. 

As each business and objective is different, the best way to move forward would be to book a complimentary call with me to discuss your requirements. 


£200 a month

By outsourcing Inbox Management to me, you free up large chunks of time and it ensures that all emails are responded to promptly, and no important messages missed. 

I will check your emails twice a day (Monday to Friday), at times agreed by you, and do the following: -

Monitor all incoming emails, sorting them into appropriate folders 

Respond promptly to customer enquiries

Draft and send emails on your behalf

Flag important emails

Updating your calendar as required


£120 (plus £32 p/h after 4 hours)

If your Inbox is out of control and needs taming - this is just what you  need. In some cases this may have to be done before starting any ongoing Inbox Management services.

The Inbox Detox includes the following: -

Creating folders & labels

Sorting existing emails into relevant folders

Un-subscribing from unwanted spam

Archiving old emails from an agreed date

Updating your calendar as required


Terms & Conditions

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