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This book is a must for anyone who wants to know how to become a Virtual Assistant in the UK and start their own business.

It takes a lot of organisation, as well as a leap of faith, and a brave push to set up on your own.

I was in that position, just before Christmas last year (2019) where I had been toying with the idea for about twelve months over becoming a VA.

I have 20 years+ of experience working as a PA, Office Manager, EA in various industries. I had the knowledge, I had the skill-set and yet I still lacked the belief in myself to start my own business.

Then I read Catherine’s book and it gave me the confidence and the information I had been missing to realise I could do it!

Catherine expresses herself throughout the book in her unique and totally honest way, sharing her journey and her own experiences. I immediately related to her and her wonderful knack of helping you realise your own true worth.

Just because you find certain things easy to do, do not think for a moment that everyone else thinks that way too. I made notes throughout the book, completed the tasks Catherine sets in each chapter, and started my own VA business at the start of 2020.

Who knew what would happen and where we would all find ourselves now (August 2020) but in the three months before Covid-19 reached the UK, I started my business, set up my website, and got my first two clients.

I am happy to say things have not slowed down for me since, and I have also won my first business award for Best New VA Business in 2020 for the South England Region, which is amazing and so much is down to the wonderful words of wisdom, advice, and tough-love in this book.

If you would like to buy the book then go here, to Catherine Gladwyn's website - highly recommended!


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