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Google Tasks, integrated into Gmail, provides an easy way to build ordered task lists with due dates and can even turn emails into action items. Here’s how you do it…

Opening Tasks

  1. Click the arrow in bottom right-hand corner of your inbox (this opens up the side panel if it is not already open).

  2. Click the Tasks button

In Tasks, each task goes into a list. There's a default list that you can add tasks to, or you can create your own lists.

Creating a List

  1. At the top of the Tasks window, click the Down arrow. Create new list.

  2. Name the list and click Done.

You can also rename the task list:

  1. At the top of the Tasks window, click the Down arrow and select a list.

  2. Click More (three dots in a vertical line) Rename list.

  3. Enter a new name and click Done.

Adding Tasks and Sub-Tasks

To add a task to a list:

  1. At the top of the Tasks window, click the Down arrow and select the list you want to add the task to.

  2. Click Add a task.

  3. Enter a task. As you enter text, the task automatically saves.

For more complex to-dos, you’ll want to break the main task into several sub-tasks. To do this, create each sub-task under the main task and hit the Tab button to indent each one.

To create a sub-task, either:

  • Right-click a task and select Add a sub-task, or

  • Next to the main task, click Edit (pencil) and in the Add sub-tasks field, enter a task.

Creating tasks from emails

You probably find that a good chunk of the emails you receive require some action from you. Google Tasks allows you to quickly turn these messages into to-do items.

To create a task from an email:

  1. Drag an email into the Tasks window. The task is the email subject.

  2. In the task, a link appears so you can easily reopen the message.

Switching between Task Lists

In addition to your daily task list, you may want to create separate lists dedicated to specific projects. To switch between different Task Lists, click the Down arrow at the top of the Tasks window and select a different list.

Adding Notes and Details to your Tasks

You can add notes and details to your tasks. To do this:

  1. Select a list and next to a task in the list, click Edit .

  2. Click Add details and enter notes for your task.

  3. Click Add date/time and select the due date and time for your task.

Adding a due date also adds the task to Calendar.

Organising and rearranging the order of your task lists

  1. You can also rearrange the order of your task lists. To move a task up or down a list just point to the task you want to move and drag the task up or down in the list to reorder it.

  2. Or to move a task to another list:

* Next to the task, click Edit (pencil) .

* Next to the list name, click the Down arrow and select another list.

* At the top, click the Back arrow .

I hope you have found this useful.

Every little bit helps when trying to stay on top of daily/weekly/monthly tasks AND there is nothing better than being able to tick off completed tasks!


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