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Whilst there is no secret formula for writing awesome content for social media, there are some points you should consider when writing posts and articles on your social media platforms.

Here are 4 key points I believe will help you consistently produce great content that people will want to read and engage with.

1. Create high-value content

I can't stress enough the importance of ensuring that everything you share is high-value from the perspective of your followers or prospective clients.

There's no better or faster way to build your authority and build your social media following than through creating and sharing high-value content. It is ALWAYS better to post quality over quantity.

2. Focus on your area of expertise

Whilst the content you create must be considered high-value by your potential clients, your best content will always be the topics that you know best.

When you know a topic well you provide deeper insights and you can share stories that people can relate to and remember most.

3. Write what you are most passionate about

Passion is vital to creating great content that people will want to follow or engage with. It is what will allow you to create valuable content consistently.

Your passion is important as it is tied to your why - why you do what you do - and how you communicate that message to your potential clients and your networks on social media, the clearer your message, and the degree of intensity with which you share your content, the better it will be received.

4. Consistently create and share content

This is no surprise; the more consistently you share content on social media, the more it will be seen.

By creating and sharing content regularly you will attract the attention of new followers who will start to look out for your posts. Whether you're sharing insights, writing blog posts, creating graphics, videos, or quotes, consistently sharing content will, over time, increase your following.


  1. Quality over quantity ALWAYS,

  2. Focus on your area(s) of expertise,

  3. Write with passion, and

  4. Be consistent.

Thinking about these four points when you are writing content for social media will help keep your content fresh and engaging. Keep focusing on what you know best, and you will attract followers who are looking to learn about your particular field of expertise. Don’t try to copy anyone else – always be unique.


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