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Stop burnout this Summer and find out how working with a VA will provide you with the back office support you need while you take your summer holiday.

Isn’t it always the way - you end up working all hours (and then some!) on the lead-up to your holiday.

And then even more hours trying to catch up with work when you get back!

Taking a holiday can feel like more trouble than it’s worth when you run a small business.

There always seem to be a lengthy list of to-dos to complete before you can switch off and relax!

And then when you are away, supposedly relaxing, you are thinking about what you will have to do to catch up when you come home.

This is not what I would call relaxing or a holiday.

The definition of a ‘holiday’ is ‘an extended period of leisure and recreation.'

The definition of ‘relaxed’ is ‘feeling happy and comfortable because nothing is worrying you.'

Working with a Virtual Assistant can give you the back office support you need to make sure your break is both relaxing AND a proper holiday from work!

Hiring a VA can give you the reassurance that essential tasks will be dealt with while you take your much-deserved break.

A VA will be able to work for as many hours as you need, as and when you need it, which is wonderful for businesses that need the support but don't want to have the added cost of employers tax, etc. They will have many skills and be able to offer a wide range of secretarial services to assist small-business owners.

Here are 4 ways a Virtual Assistant could help you over the Summer months.

1. Email Management

The thought of returning from your holiday to hundreds of emails in your inbox can be so depressing. A Virtual Assistant can keep on top of it for you, filtering out the important messages, and clearing away the junk.

They can even respond to the important or urgent ones and save read-later ones for you to go through on your return.

2. Diary Management

Need to have appointments booked in for your return? You may be out of the office, but clients will still wish to get that next appointment secured.

A Virtual Assistant can manage your diary in your absence so that when you do return, you can hit the ground running.

3. Demolish Your To-Do List

Summer may be a fairly quiet time for your business, which can make it the perfect time to tackle some of those tasks you never get around to.

You know, the jobs that never seem to make it to the top of your to-do list but are still important to the functioning of your business.

It could be getting your inbox down to zero, organising your digital files or updating your social media profiles.

4. Social Media scheduling

Are you looking forward to switching off the laptop and zoning out from work for a week or two?

You still need to keep up your presence on social media and a Virtual Assistant will schedule your social media content for you so that you don’t drop off the radar.

They can also look after your social business pages or groups you have, and respond to any comments from your network.

With all of the above being taken care of you can finally relax and enjoy some quality downtime.

And when you do return home, feeling refreshed, you won’t have the worry of what could be waiting on the desk when you get back.

If you are going away for a holiday, I can help you with all the tasks above and more. Take a look at the secretarial services I offer and see all the ways I can help with your business over the summer.

Or get in touch to find you what I can do for you.

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